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We provide 2 type of management for our clients:
1. Basic Management
2. Full Management

As Basic Management, we provide the following services:

Restart your Server or VPS with your request

Fixing network issues

Reinstalling OS

Fixing hardware issues

Price: Included with all services for free!

As Full Management, we provide the following services in addition of Basic Management services:

24x7 Monitoring of services. (This comes with a more professional service monitoring than the one with your control panel.)

Performing regular audits

Securing tmp partition

Trojan and malicious code identification and isolation

Hardening Bind (Name Daemon) in order to prevent spoofing and attacks

Performing optimization for network setting and service setting which would save your box plenty of resources.

Efficiently blocking all dictionary attackers, this would reduce your resource usage and prevent many race conditions.

Utilizing Object cache for the entire box or on a per website basis in addition to webserver and database tweaks (throttling, etc). This would help with high traffic dynamic websites (On Demand)

Utilizing mod_security with an updated ruleset that would reduce lots of issues an admin may have with customers who run old scripts which are subject to be comparimised every now and then.

Giving advice or assistance with custom compilation of modules, etc. This would be very helpful with distros such as CentOS, RHE, etc wherein you may not find some needed modules with a default installation.

Detecting spikes and automatically renicing the two most resource taking processes (with the exception of webserver and database services.)

Taking snapshots of filesystem and monitoring it's changes.

We can install available pieces of codes like nice pieces of work done by colleges at rfx network, etc, on demand. However we advice that you leave that all to our own bPilot software that has been developed by our own staff from scratch and has lots of inner error control functions and AI facilities and benefits from hundreds of hours of work.

Price for Dedicated Server: 40$ Monthly Per Server
Price for VPS: 25$ Monthly Per VPS

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